July 6th-Busy day

by Phoebe

I woke up on the fourth ring of my alarm clock. Fairly early and reluctantly departed from the cozy warmth of my bed. I took my routine shower and off to breakfast. I was kindly welcomed by smiling faces. I had a piece of fry bread and some cantaloupe. Today is going to be a busy day, judging by the result of the confusion during the team meeting.  Everybody seems to be going his or her separate ways. Ann will definitely be spending a majority of her time in the van speeding from one place to another. After the team meeting Ellie, Susan, Carter and I all played a game. After one or two fun games we retreated to go paint. By the time we finished painting I was covered head to toe in white paint. When I finally scrubbed most of it away we left for Eagle Shield.

I find myself here being showered by the constant ring of the telephone. Once my duty there was done. I gave James an orientation of the front desk and went to eat lunch. I then stained the fence we built at CDC. At around 4PM we headed back to go enjoy ourselves in the pool. Tyler and Ben did an assortment of flips and other things. When we all got back Chad had us collecting little rocks for our final ceremony, which consisted of an “honesty circle”, where we answered questions about the trip, an evaluation survey and food. We ate pizza and ice cream! After that we played sardines. Kelsey finally rounded up everybody for a group photo.  Today is the last day of a great week. I’m happy we made the most of it.

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