June 15th- Last Day- Montana

by Alexander

Friday started off with a bang as the team went to participate in a 3K run for the CDC. Kelsey, Lucia and Carita got up bright and early at 8 to help register the runners. The rest of the team slept in a little and arrived at the race at about 10. John, Alice, Lucia, Carita and Kelsey helped direct runners around the track while Liz kept the time and handed out waters as the runners passed by. Suzanne, Alexander, Will and Andrew ran the race all doing very well. Will very impressively came in 2nd place in the 12 and under category.

Carita then headed to the Boys and Girls club to read to some local children while the rest of the team spent time in town. Everybody made their way back to the head start center by around 1 and started the cleanup process. The next couple hours were somewhat of a blur as people relaxed and cleaned. At 5:15 the group headed over to Eagle Shield for some delicious Indian tacos and a group photo in front of the teepee.

When we got back home Phyllis surprised us with delicious homemade apple pies and ice cream. After eating way too much, Phyllis gave a beautiful speech about all of the group. After dishes were done, Kelsey drove Liz, Lucia, John, Alice, Carita, Suzanne and Alexander to the home of a local medicine woman who explained to us how she made ointments, lotions, soaps and other healing creams out of local plants. After that Kelsey took half of the team home while John, Alexander, and Lucia watched the sunset over the mountains from the medicine woman’s balcony, accompanied by her four dogs, one of which was the cutest puppy any of us had ever seen. When we got home, we went to bed and said our goodbyes.

This was not as sad as anticipated because we all knew that we were going to stay in touch and this was just goodbye for now.

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