June 18th- Experiencing Browning and watching the dogs in Montana

by Alec, age 9

From the first day I got here, I think it was very nice. It had very comfortable beds, and it was very cozy. It wasn’t too big or too small. Today was the first day for work. Well I accidentally fell asleep in the meeting but then again I am not used to 2 hour meetings. After that we had a tour of the college. We saw two cute dogs, sadly the bigger one ate a chipmunk. That wasn’t exactly very pleasant. The other small dog was cute and fluffy. Weird enough, the bigger dog bit the little dog, but then one of the teachers took the dog and gave it to someone who would give it a better home.

Then we drove away for lunch. The bigger dog tried to follow us home but then it stopped, it couldn’t go that fast. When we got done with lunch we played a round of Skip- Bo. Then a round of poker, but I don’t exactly like poker, so I didn’t play. After that we went back to work. We worked in the garden and it was really fun. We got to use plows, rakes, shovels, etc. I particularly got to move rocks and use the plow to weed weeds.

When we were done with what we were supposed to do, the managers came to pick us up. Then we went home. Then we had a meeting about Tai’s fire escape plan. Tai, at the last minute, added the windows. After that we had dinner at Eagle Shield. The dinner was very very good. I enjoyed it. I had five rolls, no biggie. After we were done with that, we came back here, and we went to the pool. After we got done with the pool, we came back and then I started writing this, and now I am finished.

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