June 19th- Dogs, dogs, dogs- Montana

by Ava, age 13

Today was wonderful! I found everything fun, despite the work. I met new people, dogs, and I worked a lot. The gardening was interesting, I got to go to the new high school and it was huge, the bonus was there was a dog there and I broke the rules and pet him! At first everyone that he was a statue , he’s rather shy around humans though. After we (Nate, Ross, Jody, and the locals) had lunch and all we went to garden more.

Finally, we went to the library. The boys helped others with computer games. I was asked to help check book return boxes.

For the most of the time at the library I pet Lisa’s little tea-cup pug named Kissapoo. So cute and adorable, I could pet her all day! She was just so small and innocent, she couldn’t get any more adorable! At the end of the day I saw 62 dogs! They are all so cute.

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