June 20th- work assignments, Montana

By Nate, age 14

Today, we came to our third day of volunteering staring us straight in the face. We woke up at 7:45, threw on our clothes and met the rest of the team for breakfast. After a quick, but thorough run down of the day’s work tasks by esteemed team leader, a very interesting journal reading by our neighborhood dog enthusiast, we headed onto work on our projects.

Our group of six was scheduled to work with Wilbert down at the greenhouse at the college. Wilbert was a nice guy but we didn’t get to see him much as he evacuated the work place within 10 minutes. The six of us were left alone at the greenhouse to work. But being the good volunteers that we are, we continued to work for another hour before requesting rescue from the work place.

We then decided it would be beneficial to work on the textbooks at the library for the rest of the morning. This project worked out swimmingly, until the time came for us to organize the last ten boxes, at which point we all collapsed into forms of ourselves who were incapable of communication and general teamwork. Never the less, we finished up all our work at the library.

After lunch, we left to help the Boys and Girls Club while they swam in the near by pool. Shortly after the pool we went to eat at The Hut. There we met Carol who served us Indian Tacos. They were exquisite. Afterwards I purchased a jawbreaker, which I quickly and regretfully ate in half an hour.

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