June 21- First day of summer in Montana

by Carita

1st official day of summer. After breakfast and a review of work assignments we headed off to our various sites. Jody and her kids along with Pat and Matt were all at the Blackfeet Academy doing gardening at many of the schools in Browning, working with preschooler-1st grad children.  In the afternoon Jody helped kindergarten class plant flowers (picture 1). Jody, Ava, Kelsey, Garry, and Alec were at the Boys and Girls Club cleaning up outside and washing the walls in preparation to paint (picture 2).

Ross and Nate were at the Library in the afternoon helping local kids with computer games. Mark and Tai spent the day in Babb working on the Head Start there. Pat and Matt helped the Carol White Program take the kids to the bowling alley and helped them bowl. Carita helped prepare the backyard of the Care Center for the barbecue they were. We said our goodbyes after our final dinner with the Oregon family at Eagle Shields. We feasted on Maria’s wonderful Indian Tacos and Root Beer floats. Bob Tailfeathers joined us for dinner and shared some information on the community college and the history of the Blackfeet. He also showed us his wonderful artwork and jewelry. So ends the 4th day.

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