June 23- Sweating

by Brian

Our first day of work went smoothly, although Terri and Danny might not agree after doing a week’s worth of manual labor. I don’t know how they even had any sweat left for the sweat lodge that evening.

I was at first a little hesitant about the idea of working alone, but when Smokey welcomed me into the maintenance garage I felt at home and comfortable. Despite the tedious work of filing UPS orders by date and hours, it was something I knew had to be done and was glad to feel a sense of accomplishment with the completion. After walking up to the school, hoping to be able to relax before leaving for the sweat lodge, I was instead met with a rush of excitement and of course more work. Due to the elections being held in the school the next day, we had to move our food from one location to another. While the day itself was tiring, by far the highlight of the day was the sweat lodge.

The sweat was truly a once in a lifetime experience for most of us as we were able to meet not only some of the most unique people, differing rather significantly culturally but also some of the kindest people we’ll ever meet. With the exception of Kelsey and Joe it was all of our first time and we were able to endure the almost unbearable temperatures as if we were professionals. While at times I would say the heat was excruciating, it was nonetheless a wonderful experience and something I am very glad I participated in. Additionally, Tom assures us our prayers will undoubtedly be answered. Ultimately, our first day of work was jammed with activities that were both rewarding and humbling. As for Tuesday, we will most likely be daydreaming about getting more sleep than the day before.

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