June 26th – Go with the flow

Everyone was a bit groggy this morning after a busy day yesterday that ended with a late night after the sweat lodge. After breakfast full of stories and laughter, we figured out assignments for the day. It’s safe to say everyone on the team hopes that their assignments result in getting to know the local people on an individual level while also contributing to their community in a meaningful way. By the end of the day, and after some shuffling around, I think we all had some very positive experiences. Terri and Danny helped out at Eagle Shield and Danny met many people delivering food for meals-on-wheels. Andy, Brian and I all ended up at the Boys and Girls Club working with kids. It was great to see how quickly the kids warmed up to us.

The weather today has also been quite interesting. Many of us woke up last night to a loud thunderstorm, complete with hail pounding on the roof. There was another thunderstorm around noon today that caused a soaking downpour and left us with 35 mph winds the rest of the day. I should also mention that it stays light out here until 10:30pm!

After stuffing ourselves at the Junction Café, we returned to Head Start and everyone disappeared to their rooms, exhausted. We all welcome a little time to unwind as we have many great activities planned for the rest of the week in addition to our volunteer assignments. I think I can speak for the team and say that we view each day as an adventure, not knowing where we may end up, but knowing it will be memorable and fulfilling.

Message of the day: Go with the flow!

by Marisa

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