So here goes,  journal entry for Day Two, Team 157, Quito, Ecuador!

We all get into the van – Pam, Dee Dee, Roberto, Mark, myself, and, of course, Maggie! We arrive after a typical drive in morning traffic at daycare center #1 in Calderón, split into groups, and begin with some people working on the mural outside and others in the classrooms. I think everyone is feeling a bit more settled in and learning routines. I see Roberto running after a child, Pam rocking a baby, and Maggie busy in the office. Today Dee Dee, Mark, and I are working on painting the mural with two mothers of children who attend the center.

Lunch in Calderón

Lunch in Calderón


Brother and sister pair










After a busy morning we walk to our lunch spot and have a nice meal and conversation. Then we stop by a store to make some copies for work with the tías in conversational English. The beginning of the afternoon we all help with the children in their routines after nap – putting on shoes, going pipí, washing hands, etc.

Roberto, Pam, and I go onto doing conversational English with the tías. We are figuring out lesson plans, groups, and methods of teaching. We also work all together in teaching songs to the tías. Mark and Dee Dee helped with cutting out projects and packing the children up to go home.

This evening we are going on a night tour with Richard to the Old City!! More to come…

Entry submitted by: Liz


Tía Alexandra painting the mermaid


Dee Dee












Message of the Day – Dee Dee: “It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love.” – John Lennon

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