Last day of first week – Where has the Time Gone?

China Team 218 Journal for Friday October 16, 2015

Message of the day: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” As seen on at Da Ci’en Temple

Students at Xi'an High-tech College

Students at Xi’an High-tech College

Both Jo Carol and Carolyn found their freshman 3 level classes went exceptionally well. Carolyn began by vocabulary related to their Thursday night’s freshman welcome celebration. Were students more rested (no self study)? Were the class dynamics of Mrs. Wang particularly strong? Were our teaching more proficient? All the above? The students were engaged, energetic and supportive. Many photos afterward, expressions of wanting to stay in touch. Jo Carol reported the same.

In Carolyn’s 2nd class, a lovely girl (one of the dancers) wore a jacket with the F word. It was explained such a jacket (or shirt) could not be worn in Carolyn’s private school classrooms in US. So it was taken off. The teacher will explain the meaning to the student later. No bad repercussion (i.e. failure to participate) was experienced.


Claudia answers students’ questions

When Claudia and Mary arrived at the Medical Institute, they were surprised to see a battalion of students in fatigues at school entrance. We learned all freshman (man and women) have military-like training in exercises and marching. Kung Fu is an optional part of the PE curriculum.

Friday afternoon Claudia went to Wall-mart in search of open-toed shoes for her smashed toe. Mary headed for the Western Market while JO Carol and Carolyn boarded a bus for the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Both loved all aspects of excursion – The challenge of finding the right bus stops helped by collaborative effort of 2 Chinese ladies), the beauty and spirituality of this working Buddhist temple, the devotion of the believers.

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an

Carolyn delighted to see reproductions of brought from India by Xuan Zang as well as the intricacy of the wood carving and mental work that told his story. Jo Carol said she had never taken so many pictures! Both charmed by the warm reception at the Museum Shop. The clerk, a Buddhist and the manager appreciated that we were helping Chinese students with English. They gave us a lovely discount. Lonely Planets guide book was right – the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a must-see in Xi’an along with the Terracotta Soldiers and Jingdi Tomb. Finding the return bus stop was elusive but luckily a taxi stopped and we arrived – good time for Mutton Stew at restaurant next to the hotel.



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