Last day of our Second Week

Team Journal for March 27, 2015

Message of the day: 

“English usage is sometimes more than mere taste, judgement and education – sometimes it’s sheer luck, like getting across the street – E.B. White, author of Charlotte’s Web.

YMCAWe got off to an early start at 7:25, with Tourus accompanying us.  But traffic on the Second Beltway was slow.  We finally got past what looked like the aftermath of an accident where a lot of cans of soft drinks were scattered across the two lanes of our road and cars were slowing to crush them carefully! We concluded they were not beer cans or the road might have been cleared much faster.

We arrived at the College at 8:15, with our students patiently waiting.  LuRue and Montana had Ms. Lin’s Municipal Engineering class while Don had his final session (of five) with the Tourism class of Ms Qiu (Lulu).  LuRue and Montana found Ms. Lin very interesting as a mother of year old twins (a boy and a girl!).  They (LuRue and Montana) followed their plan very successfully (they never found out what Ms Lin’s plan was, but certainly had exceptional results.)  Meanwhile Don was pursuing new material for sound differentiation from the ESL Bingo book for AW/OR as well as D/TH in the format of fly swatter team competition. The class had been a pleasure with probably the most advanced and participative students in the program.  Many of them had made contributions to the Cultural Program Thursday afternoon. Their ability as well as outgoing personalities marked them for bright futures.  As parting thought Don hoped they would consider two things as they focus on their careers – first, what is the demand for the service they hope to provide; and second, what is their competitive advantage in the field.  He cited the experience in the US of many who had been encouraged to go to law school only to find the opportunities limited for graduates.  Finally, the class closed with a full rendition of the “Y.M.C.A.” song – a favorite on US campuses.

soundsThere was a little hiatus between the first and second session – with both LuRue / Montana’s and Don’s students to be from Ms Zhao’s Animation class.  Ms Zhao rounded up 24 of the expected 32.  And it was lucky she did, because President Yang stopped by for visits to both classes.  He was an enthusiastic player of Simon Says with the Troyers and assisted Don in amplifying on the rules to the second class (gained from his experience in the first, no doubt).  He seemed favorably impressed with what we were doing, asking what we thought of the students and what they were learning.  We look forward to seeing him again at the Farewell next Friday, April 3.  The class ended with the fly swatter – team approach to distinguishing sounds from LuRue’s Pronunciation guide.  Don, having run out of time with his first class (and forgetting, if the truth be known) to give out prizes, made up for his oversight and laid the candy on the second group.  The Troyers and Don were disappointed not to avail themselves of the students regarding what the Animation program included and how if fit into a Communications Technology college.  Possibly it is for signage on highways and in airports, etc.

Team 216 is winning the confidence of the powers to be and was allowed to return to Le  Garden without chaperons.  Either that or the assumption that the members are too old or have the wisdom of youth and can be trusted not to lead the driver astray has been accepted.

At 12:45, all joined Baoli for lunch in the Emerald Garden on the Second Floor.  After we ate, she presented an overview history of the Chinese Government’s “One Child” policy which was very interisting.  Then Baoli hit the highlights of the plans for the weekend and next week.  The Troyers  have a busy weekend while Don expects to be taken as a native with his (yet to be developed) Mandarin.


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