“Riches Are Not Money Or Wealth, But Are Family”


Ross Opened His Teepee To Us – What Hospitality!


It’s funny how a week can change your perspective. When we first arrived at Crow Agency, It seemed an inconvenience to walk 10 minutes up the street just to take shower. A week later, we are extremely grateful that a representative from the college has taken personal time out of this busy day to open the showers for us at 7 AM, when they would be otherwise closed.

 After a shower and a quick breakfast meeting, we arrive at Ross’s campsite to watch the parade, which is a daily rite of the annual Crow Fair.   The campground  is hardly recognizable from a few days ago. Where there were only a few teepees dotting the landscape, now there are 1000’s scattered on every possible tract of land.

 IMG_8939We are enthralled with the beautiful native dress – the intricacy of the bead work, the vibrant colors, and the spectacular plumage of the headdresses. It’s an honor for families to participate in the parade. They begin working on their traditional outfits months in advance. Roberta and Ross have kindly hosted our team for dinner. An evening spent with new friends and good food under the ‘shade’ we helped set up along the tee pee that we raised with the supervision of Ross’s extended family.



We will leave with fond memories of the friends that we have made among our team and the community at large.



Winner Of The Teepee Creeper – 3 K Run – One Of The Team!


I will end with a quote from Clayton Three Irons: “Your riches are not money and wealth – they are your family.” The Crow community has graciously welcomed us and treated us liked family and our lives have been forever enriched by the experience.

We Shared A Spirit Of Kindness                            We Enjoyed A Spirit of Kindness

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Penned by Deana

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