Laying tile and teaching English

Day 3 at Center One

Today the team all made it to the morning meeting at 7:45. We were proud of ourselves. Our day started off with the daily message and listening to Mary read Tuesday’s journal. The bus ride to Calderón was a lot faster this morning – there wasn’t as much traffic on the road. We arrived promptly at 8:30 and we walked through the market, which was open again today.

Larry cut and laid tile all along the front wall to keep out the moisture. There are a lot of problems with moisture in Ecuador. Sealing the wall and then cementing tile on the wall stops mold.

Linda worked with the two- to three-year-olds who are like most two-year-olds. Everything is about “me, me, me.” Mary worked with the adorable little babies. She also spent time reading in Spanish and Tía Norma read in English. The kids thought they were weird. Mi abuelita worked with the 3- to 4-year-old class. It was fun to watch her and mi madre dance on the porch with the children. Mi madre and I worked with Tía Ruby and the other 3- to 4-year-old class. We enjoyed them a lot. They were cute and wanted lots of attention, but didn’t climb all over me. I also had fun helping Larry mixing cement and cleaning a broken tile. I liked teaching English class at the end of the day most because it is fun and we laugh a lot. 

We finished our day with a big splash of color and music when we went to “Jacchigua es Ecuador” after dinner with the whole team. This was a two-hour folkloric dance show. My favorite dance was called “The Deer Hunt.” Their website is at

It is hard to believe we’re halfway through the first week. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Entry submitted by: Callan McLaughlin

Message of the day: “Teams can come in all sizes and combinations, but teamwork has only one representation and it can be observed. Team 149 is a team with teamwork.”   – Linda Usrey’s personal observation  

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