Laying Tile in Canitas

Thursday started off with a BANG! As we prepared for work, we all wondered if the carpenter and the tools were going to make an appearance today so we could get rockin with this tile. As we pulled up to the work site, the crew was already there and just about to walk in! Everyone seemed super excited, and we all got to work.

We soaked the tiles before laying them, nearly finished the kitchen area, and got a good amount done in the snack area as well. Overall, it was a fantastic day. Don Victor worked with us all day, as did most of the children. We met Manuel, Jorge, Orlando, Franklin the carpenter, and Wilma the soccer coach. All very nice people. I’m not sure how the other Volunteers feel, but it seems like everyday we work we become more and more a part of this small town that isn’t even on the map called Canitas.

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