Learning About the Women of CASEM

Another day at CASEM!

We promptly got to work finishing the jobs of the prior day. Josh, Nicole, Angélica, and Alicia finished painting the left side of the building while Kaye, Paul, Randy, and Sally finished the iron work painting. While painting, Angélica shared with us her favorite parts of Costa Rica and Nicole introduced us to K-pop. Kay and Randy kindly pulled themselves away from painting to help prepare our tasty lunch and learn the ways of the kitchen. The smells coming out of the kitchen were so enticing!

After lunch, Josh and Pablo (son of Doña Ana Patricia) led a spirited game of fútbol with children of people perusing the wares at CASEM. Our Pablo finished up the painting while the rest of our crew worked on painting the t-shirts and making carrying ties for the soon-to-be-made paper bags to be used by CASEM for customers. Josh and Pablo (Doña Ana’s son) soon joined in to wind balls of yarn.


Making bags for the store (Alicia, Randy, and Irma)

Josh was thrilled that our ride back was running a tad bit late as a Costa Rican gave him some tips for fútbol tricks. Some in our group thought that it was muy interesante!

Back at Mar Inn, plans were made for the upcoming weekend, accompanied by Randy strumming a guitar, donated by a prior Costa Rica Global Volunteer, couriered down by members of our team and soon to be donated to Colegio. A delicious dinner out led to great discussions about cultural differences and the roles different women play at CASEM. For some women, CASEM is a way out of isolation and poverty; for others it serves as a creative outlet. Either way, we benefit from the beauty the women create.

Entry submitted by: Alicia

Message of the Day – Paul: “You never really know a person until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” – Atticus Finch in  To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee 


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