Learning and fun

Message of the day: “Knowledge is the greatest gift you can give to a child”. Shared by Erica, source of quotation is unknown.

Our morning started out as usual, we listened to the kids scurry in the hallways as they prepared for their morning run.  For breakfast we had delicious scrambled eggs with scallions, cold cuts, jams, bread and vegetables.  During breakfast we discussed what lessons and activities we prepared for the day.  At 9:30 we met our students in the assigned areas.  Some of us moved indoors since it was chilly.  The kids were excited and at ease and the first day jitters and apprehension were gone.  All the lessons were planned according to the specific needs of the particular group since the groups were well matched.  Some kids were just starting out with learning the proper pronunciation of the English letters and mastering the alphabet song.  Other groups worked on parts of the body, shapes, sight word bingo or number bingo.  The children were very enthusiastic to learn and participated freely.  Some actually stayed around their teachers during the break to ask additional questions.

Our last hour was a lot of fun.  All the groups joined together in the big room.  Kamil was our house dj and seemed very confident with all the equipment, if law doesn’t work out, this might be another career option.  The kids listened to the instructions, followed directions and danced wildly to YMCA, Gangham style, Cotton Eyed Joe, If you’re happy and you know it” and other hits.

Obiad was delicious, we enjoyed chicken that looked beautiful sitting on a leaf of butter lettuce, potatoes, green beans and tomato salad.
Right after obiad we drove to Siedlce to meet with the county Governor Mr. Zygmunt Wielogorski.  Mr. Wielogorski talked to us about some history of Poland, the social/economic issues that Poles face and a little bit about his personal life.  We were surprised to learn that, not only is he a county governor and a lawyer by training, but also a judge at weight lifting competitions, even at Olympic events.

He thanked us for our volunteering service and talked about the importance of sharing oneself to educate others.
Following the meeting we went for a short walk, got some groceries, ice cream and pastries.  On the way back to Reymontowka we were thrilled to stop at a Polish McDonalds, where some of us enjoyed burgers , fries and chicken nuggets.  We remarked that they tasted pretty much the same, maybe  a bit better.
Upon returning home to Reymontowka we had supper of zapiekanki, a baked baguette with cheese and mushrooms, watermelon and cold cuts.
The entertainment for the evening was: “Randka w Ciemno” or “A Date in the dark”.  The kids had a lot of fun, especially since the teachers participated.
In the evening the teachers worked on preparing lessons for the following day.  We discussed what worked and what didn’t during the days’ lessons.  We shared ideas for learning games, interesting and stimulating educational activities and researched special projects that would keep the kids attention the following day.  Yet another FANTASTYCZNY (“fantastic”) day at Reymontowka has ended.
Journal prepared by Joanna.
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