Learning the Ecuadorian way

Day 3 was a hard working one for the team. We arrived at the center as usual and met the six parents who had shown up to help work. We began the day by continuing to sift the sand for the sandbox as we had done the day before. After a while a truck arrived with a large load of fresh sand. The load was dumped in the lot behind the center and the group to had to carry it all, pail by pail, to the inside area. It was tough work, but we moved the entire pile without a single gripe.


The sand being delivered

After a nice lunch break, we resumed sifting the sand with a new group of parent volunteers. Soon another truck arrived, this one with a load of cinder blocks and pavers. We began to unload the blocks one by one, when one of the parents had the idea to form a line and pass them hand to hand. This was much more efficient and soon we were unloading at a rapid pace. After some hard work we finally unloaded the entire truck. We asked the driver how much we did and he said 2,363 pounds!!! Who needs to go to the gym?


Passing pavers in a line – Ecuadorian style (and so much easier!)

It was a long hardworking day, but we made literally tons of progress with the help of all the enthusiastic parent volunteers. I think we will all sleep well tonight.

Later that evening a couple of us walked to the mall. We did some light shopping then had dinner. We ordered based on the pictures and I ended up getting something called caldo de patas. Yeah, it was hoof soup. Yum, you should try it! Missy got some cold shrimp and mussel soup. Also yummy. We also had some delicious empanadas. They should be served at every meal!

Entry submitted by: Darrell

Message of the Day – Darrell: “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”  – Theodore Roosevelt

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