June 28 – Learning the Legends of Blackfeet – Montana

Last night, Marty Martin – a Blackfeet elder – came to speak to us about his culture. It was extremely interesting as well as informative. Marty told us stories and shared many of his experiences with us and explained “the way of the Indian,” helping us to understand why some things on the reservation are the way they are.

One important thing he shared was the importance of giving back to Mother Earth. He told us we should show our appreciation of her and everything she provides us. To do so, we must never completely finish a meal, and bury the remains in the ground. This is a way to show one’s appreciation for Nature. Another thing we talked about was Marty’s experience teaching at Browning High School, and his interactions with the reservation youth. Although there are many pressing issues, such as teen pregnancy and drug and alcohol abuse, he told us about all the good things that happen here, too. There are many good athletes and artists, as well as intellectuals.

He shared with us a heartwarming story of a boy he knew who became a writer. While telling the story, he became emotional — which only helped me to understand the true passion and love he has for the youth on the reservation.

My knowledge of Indian culture tripled tonight when Marty showed us tons of amazing Blackfeet artifacts. Each thing had an amazing story to go with it. We tried on beautiful headdresses and held old robes that had been given to him. As we passed these things around and listened to him, I couldn’t help but realize how different our cultures are. However, this culture is different in a way that makes me eager to hear more. The ways of the Blackfeet people is fascinating and because it is so different from my own culture, it draws me in. I can’t wait to learn more by meeting more interesting people!


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