Life is like a mirror…

Message for the Day: “Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you.” – Charlie

We are the only ones at the hotel now so we had breakfast served to us. Our morning jugo had us all stumped and we were surprised to discover it was tree tomato juice.

Bob and Charlie went to Center 2 this morning in hopes of more work projects. In their efficiency, they put themselves out of work. They got to play with the children instead. Bob, aka, Richard Simmons, got his exercise dancing with the little ones. Charlie put his germ fetish aside and helped feed the babies.

Barb and I worked in Center #1 in our usual places. I was able to do a few extra activities with the children, like lacing yarn through holes in paper and reading, in an effort to keep them busy. The children behave quite well when they are engaged.

Barb got to exercise her inner artist today by making a poster of the vowels. She was the pawn in an art competition between the teachers! At least she didn’t have to draw any more dead chickens.

Lunch was soup (4 for 4, Chomp), rice, potatoes, and meat. I think we’ve got the gist of Ecuadorian food now. All that’s left is guinea pig.

Barb and I joined the boys to see their handiwork. We may be some of the select few to ever view this sight. Barb and I were duly impressed. Charlie and Bob stayed at Center 2 and played with the kids and filed papers. Barb and I finished the day at Center 1. I taught the remaining children how to make paper airplanes and Barb engaged the niños in a photo session.

The sky didn’t cooperate, yet again, so we weren’t able to go up the gondola to Pichincha. I guess we’ll have to come back to Quito on a clear day. Instead, we went back to the hotel for a rest before our celebratory dinner.

Martín picked us up at 6 p.m. He took us to a hoppin’ part of town called Mariscal and a restaurant called Mamá Clorinda. I happily had a salad while Charlie got so involved in his dinner of ribs that he needed a bib. We were entertained by musicians while we ate and celebrated a week of work well done.

Written by: Volunteer Mary

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