In November 2013, Hannah, Amy, and the Scafidi family on the Ecuador team learned off FUNDAC’s hope to create a sandbox behind Daycare Center #2. Seeing that the children at the center have very little outdoor space to play in, they thought that this was an important project to be carried out and very generously made a donation to make this happen.


Jack, Olivia, Barbara, and Alex Scafidi
with FUNDAC members Pilar and Elvia


Hannah and a sleepy one


Amy and another sleeping one










In February 2014, the next team of volunteers arrived in Ecuador. Darrell, Jenn, and Missy had been hearing about this sandbox project for weeks and came ready to be of service to our host partners at FUNDAC to get this project done. After two weeks of hard work alongside members of the community, a new outdoor play area had been constructed.

860 (After)

Missy, el maestro (contractor), Jenn, and Darrell in the almost-finished play area


The children in their new play area!

The volunteers on the November and February teams never met each other and come from all over the United States – from California to New Jersey to Minnesota to Washington, D.C. In spite of this, these Global Volunteers all shared a common goal to not only help get a sandbox built for the children, but to work with the tías and children to raise the standard of living for the children and families of this community through their work with them at the daycare centers. Global Volunteers has worked in the community of Calderón for almost twenty years, and each volunteer is indeed an important link in the chain of service.

Thank you, volunteers, for your service to the children of Calderón!

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