Local Doctor thanks Global Volunteers for their volunteering on behalf of kids

This is a translation of the letter we received from the Primary School Board President when our first team to the village”remodeled” the school premises , by gardening, building sidewalks, rebuilding the fence,, painting the fence for the kindergarten, taught conversational English in the afternoons, etc.

“December 30th, 2011



Global Volunteers

Neighbors of the Community



We celebrate today the end of two special weeks in our lives, we say good-bye to great friends, to whom we are grateful for your accompaniment during this period, that you allowed us to host you here, in our community of San Rafael, a small village, of 550 people.


In our memories we have the day you started and came in to this marvelous school, filled with emotions, curiosity, nervousness and happiness…Finally we went to work and we began working with people of different cultures, without really knowing that most of us would have great moments during those 2 weeks , some neighbors and school parents arrived during the course of the morning , so we could all work at the school that is filled with needs and hoping to be beautified for the children that will start their school year next February 17th with a renewed enthusiasm to see their school prettier than before.


We all coincide in feeling that each person : Nia Salas-Vives, Tina Labellarte, Rachel Garner, Taylor Paziuk and Janet Smalley, have a special touch and unique, that supported us in this endeavor so important to the community, each and everyone one of you will always be remembered for their dedication.


To our neighbors and to the Association of Development, thank you for helping the School PTA Board, and to continue giving us support to allow us to reach our goals and to give us the opportunity to serve the people, so our children can become someone of significance during their lifetime.


Finally, we would like to leave a message to our partner Global Volunteers that you remain in our hearts and we enormously wish to see you in the future in another project at the school and remember this is not a simple school it is your second home.


Wishing you a happy trip home,I bid you farewell,



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