Lovely Park in Xi’an

There is a small park near where I live in Xi’an. It’s busy everyday with all kinds of activities, especially on the weekend when most people don’t work. The videos and photos below were taken recently on a Saturday morning.

A group of people are dancing with fans, another group are playing Tai Chi with music, some other people are singing the local opera; a man is writing Chinese calligraphy on the ground with a huge brush in one hand and a bucket of water, the ink, in the other; a student is reading; several men are chatting with their pet birds in cages hanging on the tree braches nearby; a bride and groom are having their wedding photos taking… There are what you often see in the parks in Xi’an.

Practicing Tai Chi

The Tai Chi Group


The Dancing Group

Chinese Calligraphy Work

Chinese Calligraphy Work


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