Loving Getting to Know the People

TAN1410A1 Deborah and Aidan with primary studentsMessage of the Day: “One’s destination is never a place, but rather a way of looking at things.”                                                             – Henry Miller

Journal: This morning began with a delicious breakfast from Mama Toni at 7 a.m. for Linda and Meghan, who headed off to teach at the secondary school (English for Linda and Chemistry for Meghan). Aidan and Deborah taught at the primary school again. The students are really starting to get to know them well! After lunch, the whole volunteer crew headed to the library, where we were joined by our friends Patrick, Simba, Joseph, and Simon. Today we were excited that many new students came up and introduced themselves to us and asked us wonderful questions about the U.S.A., our lives, and our opinion of Tanzania.  We’re really loving getting to know the people here, and we’re very excited that the students are really opening up to us! We watched the beautiful sunset from outside the mission house – there’s nothing quite like a Tanzanian sunset – and then enjoyed another delicious dinner of sticky rice, beans, and steamed vegetables.

Entry submitted by: Meghan

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