Bennett, a Global Volunteer in Cuba and Blake School student, discovers that making friends in Cuba comes easily with shared interests and activities.

Friday was truly something to behold. From working in the fields, alongside friends, to tutoring a group of four Cubans who collectively spoke only a small sliver of English, I personally found Friday to be a day of profound delight and wholesome joy.

handshake in cuba

Bennett and Sonia learn the Salsa – Cuban style – at the Moran Theater.

As a group, we watched Dion hit the dance floor not once but twice in a state of pure disco frenzy. At the same time, we also waged volleyball war in the river and enjoyed a wonderful improvised performance by two Cubans in the community center.

When I reflect on it, there was absolutely no one moment that wasn’t filled with mind-blowing enrichment and reward. For at the end of the day, what I learned more than anything is that we Cubans and Americans aren’t that different. We may be separated by 100 miles and two distinct cultures, but we nonetheless share our humanity and our love for human life.

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Meanwhile, you can learn more from other student volunteers on Global Volunteers programs in Cuba.  Start with this journal entry : “What does a day of service-learning in Cuba look like?”

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