Materials arrive at the Community Center

Cathy, Kirk and Robert helped download the ceramic tiles for the Canitas Community Center. They prepared the floor by filling and cleaning the floor. In solidarity the driver donated the transportation.

From Cathy’s journal :
May- 17: Today began with Robert, Chris and Davone taming the jungle, also known as clearing trees from around the community center. The excitement of hacking with machetes quickly disappeared as black flies claimed them for lunch. Kirk and Cathy spent the morning preparing floors for tiling…scraping, washing and sweeping. After lunch Chris used his experience in concrete work to patch the cement floor, and Robert applied a blue adhesive. During breaks, Davone, Chris and Robert introduced the local boys to American football and joined in pickup games of soccer.
Today we learned the true meaning of community in the term community center. Because school was not in session today, flocks of children, babies in strollers, and parents all stopped by to visit or play soccer. By the time our day ended, our cirlce of friends had grown to include people from ages 3 months to 70 years old. Our conversations in broken Spanish with translations by Nia has helped us create new bonds and friendships.

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