The Students Were Filled With Curiosity

“Hold your head high, don’t ever let them define the light in your eyes. Love yourself, give ‘em hell, you can take on this world, you just stand and be strong and fight like girl”
– Bombshel

Today was the first real day of work. Orientation and training was over and we were finally on our own. Again the nurses (Sherri, Megan and Kate) went to the clinic while me and Carrie made our way to school. After the morning routine we met back at the mission house for lunch and to go over the English exam we were to go over with some form IV students. After we figured out the key we headed down to the school to make photocopies of the test…or not. Before meeting with the students we went to the headmaster Shadrack’s home, which was built for him with the help of Global Volunteers. There we met his wife Rose and 10 month old daughter Gladness. After a short chat with the headmaster’s family and a short discussion of the American English lesson plan, we broke up into groups and talked with the students. They pretty much breezed through the test and we moved on to question and answer time. Again the students were filled with curiosity and asked many questions regarding pop culture, politics, current events, as well as our opinion about their own country.

After devouring the pizza prepared by Mama Tony, we had a short info session about disciplinary actions by Haran. They say you learn something new everyday but here we seem to learn something every minute and yet my head doesn’t feel like it’s about to explode quite yet. After Haran and Edward had completed the agenda for the night we made our way to the local pub and tried some Tanzanian beer. We sat around for a couple of hours, relaxed a bit and got to know each other on a whole nother level. The night ended with a brisk walk home to relieve our bladders.

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