Meeting all of team #225 to Costa Rica

Our first day began with breakfast and some brief introductions of each team member followed by our orientation. Maggie walked us through the Global Volunteers policies and shared with us some of what we could expect during the week. This included the work we would do as well as what our interactions with the people would be like. We moved on to learn some basic Spanish and how to introduce ourselves. We then went for lunch at a café close by, which was a great time for everyone to get to know each other better.

After lunch the adventure really began as we loaded our luggage into the back of José’s van and started the three-hour trek to Monteverde. We stopped at a cantina along the way to stretch and have a snack. By this time we were well out of the city and the mountains started to come into view.


The beautiful wood furniture at the cantina

We proceeded onward and reached the much dreaded UNPAVED ROAD. Maggie had warned us that this 45-minute stretch could be daunting for anyone with motion sickness. However, we were able to make it through without incident. The real thrill came from the times when we needed to drive closely to the road’s edge which quickly dropped off to the valley below.


The view riding up to Santa Elena

After arriving at the inn, we had a wonderful dinner with chicken and rice. We had continued our conversations from earlier and then Maggie led us through team goal setting. After much discussion we settled on the following four goals:

1. To increase our human connectedness

2. To learn about the Costa Rican way of life

3. To serve and learn with the community

4. To enjoy nature

We also discussed the characteristics we would need to display in order to reach our goals and have an enjoyable week. Here is our list: flexible, prompt, hardworking, resilient, agreeable, patient, excited, helpful, positive, good listeners, adventurous, and compassionate.

Karen, the technical director of the school, came by to give us an overview of the school. We learned how the kids are becoming educated to work within specific jobs and industries, such as hospitality, tourism and accounting. She also discussed the importance of sustainability and ecology to the school.

After our meeting we all retreated to our rooms to rest and prepare for the week ahead.


The Mar Inn Bed & Breakfast

Entry submitted by: Mark


Team #225 Members:

Maggie, our fearless team leader

Laura and Mark, here with their teenage daughters, Madeline and Mara

Alison and Thor, a couple from Oregon

Mary, a legacy Global Volunteer on her fourth service program

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