Meeting Profesora Dulce and her students

Around 7:15 am Maggie, Justin, Ellie, and I convened in the hotel lobby for a delicious breakfast consisting of fresh fruit, pancakes, and coffee. Upon finishing breakfast, I felt energized and eager to return to Colegio and see what tasks that the school staff had prepared for us. We then met at our usual meeting area to hear the Message of the Day and Justin’s account of the day before. It was quite intriguing to reminisce on the previous day because I had already forgotten some details associated with it. But, once we were finished discussing the plans for the day, we left the hotel to once again volunteer our services to the students and teachers of Colegio.


When walking outside of the hotel, I immediately noticed the warm temperature, even though it was so early in the day. In the two days that we have been guests in the Monteverde region, I have observed that there seems to be very warm mornings with relatively clear skies; however, as the day progresses the scattered rain showers and the presence of the fog cools everything down. Upon arriving at Colegio we made our way to Profesora Dulce’s eighth-grade classroom. There we introduced ourselves in Spanish to the students and we then learned that we were going to help the students clean their gymnasium in order to help prepare for their science fair that was to take place later in the week. But, we were surprised by Profesora Dulce when she informed us that we would be joining some students in a hike along the nature trail that surrounds the school. We ended up walking about two hours through the forest and were able to see an environment that was home to many very interesting organisms such as sloths, transparent butterflies, and leafcutter ants. We were able to take many great pictures and Professor Dulce was a fantastic guide who had vast knowledge of all of the plants and animals that we encountered. It was also entertaining to be able to interact with the children in this environment.


Once we returned back to the school we ate lunch in the cafeteria and then walked down to the gymnasium. We showed the students how to properly utilize the pressure washer to clean the gym floors so that they would be able to become familiar with operating it by themselves. After cleaning for a few hours, the Monteverde Fire Department arrived and assisted our cleaning efforts. Once we were finished working for the day, it was very entertaining to watch the students burn excess energy off by running around barefoot and throwing water at each other. We had a great day in Colegio and I made some memories as a volunteer that I will cherish! ¡Pura Vida!


Washing the gymnasium floor


We made a great team with the students!

Entry submitted by: Matt

Message of the Day – Matt: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Mahatma Gandhi

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