Meeting the Group

Saturday was our first day together as a group. It is a small group, two wages Volunteers. We all had dinner together at the Slipway Hotel restaurant and we started to get to know each other .Edward our leader introduced himself first .Then zaurs.  introduced himself . She is a doctor who spend part of her adolescence . I wing in Portugal. Mohammed introduced himself after I did. we had a lovely dinner next to the Indian ocean .I was thrilled to use the Indian ocean for the first time .

After dinner we talked about our assignments in Pommern . zauri  will put her medical back ground to use with the school nurse and at the clinic a well as working with  a teacher in the secondary school. I wll be working at the primary school .we napped up and headed up to our room .I was a sleep quite easily. The travel  tired me out.

Sunday morning zauis  and I got up easily and went to church. The mass was in Swahili so we weren’t  sure what the homily was about ,but we could basically follow the service. After church, we ate a quick breakfast  and then got on the road for the 9 his drives. The driver was beautiful. we got to the much of the country.

One of the highlights was during trough the Mikumi national park. We saw elephants, bacons ,zebras, wildelence and  giraffes. Zauris and I never so leycited. I was also very fascinated in the Masai people and  selling them tending to their hands.

The mountain landscape was also beautiful. It was a wonderful drives, but I was happy to get to our hostel so I could  stretch my legs for a while.

We freshened up and them had a delicious dinner. It was a goat day and Look forward  to more adventures tomorrow.

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