Mid week…

curtisteaThought for the day: They say those who hesitate are lost. When in China don’t hesitate.

We started our morning with breakfast. As we didn’t get a wake-up call, we were running late. High-tech group had a teacher drive us to school in his car. He spoke very good English and explained some rules of driving, like those going straight went first before those turning. Pedestrians have to stop for everyone.

Bio-medical had the president’s driver as James was busy.

At lunch we talked about Bill, Grace and LaVerne going for medicine. LaVerne said Grace and Bill were like kids in a candy store. Bill later took Donald over for a look see.

After lunch, MaryAnn and I went to R.T. Market on a candy run. MaryAnn got candy and a new suitcase. I got some stuff for Jerry and we stopped at Starbucks on the way back.

The guard at the Golden Swan said he stood guard for 4 hours. Yuk!

We came back and MaryAnn made Bingo games.

We had dinner at the Northern Restaurant and I had to update everyone on what was going on. We went back to the hotel where MaryAnn read her log. Baoli gave us some homework and we all retired for the night.


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