Our first day at the center

Message of the Day: “We ought to be doing all we can do make it possible for every child to fulfill his or her God-given potential.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

We begin our first day of “real” volunteering with a breakfast of cereals, breads, jams, fruits, yogurt, juice, and coffee at 0700. Our missing volunteer, Linda Longtin, arrived very late Sunday night and joined us for breakfast. After a hearty breakfast, the bus arrived promptly at 0800 and took us to Calderón, home of daycare centers 1 and 2. After an orientation by Lily, coordinator for FUNDAC, all 21 volunteers busied themselves with various tasks helping the tías in the kitchen or with the children. At 1300, we all broke for a lunch of vegetable or vegetable beef soup, spaghetti with potato and cheese or spaghetti with potato and meat sauce, followed by a fresh pineapple slice for dessert. Afterwards, we all returned to our respective work stations where Karen frantically tried to learn the Spanish phrase for “I do not change diapers” and Aaron developed blisters on his hands from chopping carrots with a dull knife and removing screws with a less than ideal screwdriver. At 1600, the bus picked us up and returned the “cansados” volunteers to the Sol de Quito Museum Hotel. During our two hours of free time, Kathy and Karen purchased water for our group while other volunteers did errands or rested. At 1830 we reconvened for a delicious supper at the hotel. After supper the volunteers shared first impressions of the daycare centers and then retired for the evening.

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