Monday – A Day of Discovery

We Helped Erect This Teepee

We Helped Erect This Teepee

The highpoint of our day was building a teepee under a large Montana moon.

We all helped in some way and the end result was as breathtaking as it was big!

But first, we started with our morning message which was a quote from Indian Chief Crazy Horse – very appropriate to our setting at Crow Agency and Little Big Horn (Montana): “In order to heal our grand mother earth, we must unify through peace”.

With this inspirational thought in mind we then proceeded to conduct our morning meeting; identify projects; and receive assignments. Three locations we serve today include: a Care Center, a Feeding Program and a tee pee raising at the Crow Fair Ground

 At some point we all engaged in one or more interactions with a Crow resident or reservation employees. Conversations were informational, steeped in historic content. From our interactions we learned about tribal custom differences, perceptions regarding wealth, and male/ female roles in Crow society and the importance of family was reinforced.

As the world outside the reservation seems to grow increasingly impersonal and fractured, it is a welcome respite to have contact with a society that values family relationships and simplicity above all.


Stretching The Shade


Penned by Kerry



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