Monday April 21

Thought of the Day-Roger
“The true secret to giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent as to whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right.” Hannah Whitall Smith.


Monday morning, back to work day, dawned beautifully. Very little wind last night. A nice breakfast with eggs hit the spot. Roger read us a great report on the weekend and we were off.

The school strike was still on, but a lot of students were around. Harold sent Isaac and I to work on the door and Anita and Roger to clean walls before painting.

Lumber was found in the storage building next to the pigsty where we saw a mother duck with one duckling; the cow man caught the duckling and presented him to me, but I didn’t want too much to do with him because he had been swimming in the tilapia pond! We got our lumber and left!

Doormaking was sort of slow and so was graffiti removal. After lunch things picked up a bit and we went to the bank and book store. I managed to finish the door, although it didn’t get painted very well, and Roger and Anita managed to get some painting done.

Harold seemed to be happy with our work, so I guess our day was satisfactory. When we got to CASEM and picked up Sally, we walked back to the Ranario(frog pond). It was quite extensive with many interesting exhibits of frog habitats in miniature. Glass frogs, poison arrow frogs, cane toads, blue jean frogs and of course, the red-eyed tree frog of Cr. Our guide Alex was very knowledgeable and sharp eyed. How did he find all those “guys”?

We were all kind of tired when we got back but a quick shower and supper did wonders. Thanks to Nia for helping Sally and Dave with everything.

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