June 2 – Blackfeet Reservation – Montana

June 2nd, 2012 by Marie Heffernan

Miriam and I just arrived in Browning, Montana with two other volunteers, Lucia and Linda, and our team leader Michele.  The others are arriving by car and train.  The town is small, and the population is basically unknown (or at least somewhat disputed over). Most people estimate there are 1,200 residents in the Browning area.

We are staying at Head Start, in a small school/daycare building.  It looks like we should have a nice comfortable stay here, as we each have a twin bed and share the classroom and its bathroom.  Earlier when Michele had picked us up from the airport in Great Falls and drove us to Browning, the trip was just impeccable. The scenery of vast open plains with blue skies above filled with cotton like white clouds could just take your breath away.  Trees were far and few between, something I had not expected, living in upstate NY with the majority of open land being filled with trees.  The Rocky mountains off in the distance were enormous snow capped visions of beauty.  A mixture of fog and clouds surrounded the tips of them.  It was a gorgeous contrast to the open plains and blue sky.

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