Classes in Cisie and Siedlce

This day began with a delicious, low-calorie (?) breakfast of cheese fritters.

After breakfast we were on to our morning classes. 001For me, it is the less-advanced English speakers in grade 6 at the Cisie School. Natalia, the Cisie School English teacher, sat in both of my lessons and was a good advisor and assistant. Since repetition and pronunciation are both to be emphasized, we started with the days of the week – writing them on the chalk board. Then the class did a group pronunciation for whatever day I would point to. Secondly, I provided a worksheet of opposite words. The students were to number the words in the left hand column and then match to the correct word with the opposite meaning within the right hand column. Natalia and I walked around the helped the students who had questions. Sometimes I needed to give them the answer and let them locate the word by its sound. Then we worked in a group; one student would write a word on the chalkboard and another student would write the word with the opposite meaning. We also again reviewed the pronunciation for each word.
For the second lesson we used the cards from the Food JINGO game. One student would draw a card and then read the description on it for the class, asking the students to identify the food by its description. After identifying the food, we wrote words that described that food, for example, its color. We ended again with group pronunciation of each identified food.
My second class each day is in Siedlce at afternoon program for students who are 14-17 years old. The emphasis in this class is conversational English so I started the class with a question: If you could go anywhere in the world, where you go and why? They were very good at identifying where they wanted to go, but the rest was like pulling teeth. We worked a little on subject/verb agreement, just a little because it seemed dull and they seemed to need no extra time on that subject. We had one more question/answer session and then it was time for a break.
After break, I told the class that they were well beyond my next activity, but it was late in an already busy day, and we needed some exercise. Everyone stood and did what I told or show them to do, such as stand, sit, reach for the ceiling, or touch your left foot with your right hand. I think a bit of exercise did everyone some good, especially me. Then we again went around the class with different questions. Everyone had to stand and talk to the class. We ended with one more minute of exercise. I gave them an assignment for the next class meeting – come with more questions for the question/answer time.

Journal by Sue

Message of the day: Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. Attributed by Warren Buffet and shared by Lori. Lori explained she likes this thought for the day at Reymontówka because we are literally sitting in the shade of the trees planted by Pani Reymont. We also discussed a Polish proverb that represents a very similar idea of doing things today to ensure a better future.



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