My Little Apple Dance is Fun to Learn!

Team Journal for March 30, 2015

Message of the day: “I don’t know karate, but I do know crazy and I’m not afraid to use it.” -Unknown

Tai ChiThe first day of our last week here. It’s sad to think that we will be back in the US in less than a week. We all met up at our normal time and headed off to the college. It was a strange schedule today, because we were having a high school class come in and Montana had requested to learn the “My Little Apple” dance.

For the first class – only 45 minutes, Montana and LuRue did the homonyms, sentence game and Hokey Pokey. Don did the flyswatter game. It was his last class period with the hotel management class sadly. The classes switched during the break. Don taught the Auto Trade class doing some introductions and Simon says. Montana was taught the “My Little Apple” dance, which was very fun to learn. Maybe she’ll even be on the next “Dancing with the Stars”.

jiaozihome visitThe next class was from a high school, which the students spoke very little English. Montana and LuRue spent the first half of the class having the students act as waiters and diners. The second half, they did an easier version of the sentence game and the drawing game. Don spent his time doing introductions and Simon says. According to Don, trying to get the students to stand up and say their name was really hard.

After the classes, we were taken to teacher Cherry’s house. We were taught how to make dumplings. The dough was already made, so all we had to do was roll it out, add a filling and close it. The dumplings were then put into a pot of boiling water. They only took three minutes to make surprisingly. The dumplings were very good, but, once again, too much food. There were even sides of slices of meat and vegetables.

ping pongAfterwards, Cherry’s daughter, Angelina, performed a dance much like the “My Little Apple” dance and recited some poems she had learned in school. Angelina even gave Montana a panda top hat to wear around school. She said it looked good on Montana.

We were then led back to the school and to a gym-like place that was outside. Montana, Don, and LuRue played some ping pong with the students. Like usual, we all owned our opponents. Not! Two party secretaries…school officials…also came to greet us and get pictures.

We rested up a little bit before meeting at 6 for dinner and sharing journals from Friday and the weekend. We also did some checking to make sure our planes were still on time before heading our separate ways for the night.


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