New friendships

Message of the Day: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Journal by: Kristina Herman Hill

As I write this journal entry it is late Thursday night and I’m nowhere near sleep as I think about closing our program tomorrow. I’ll back up and recap our full day.

The day began with the fruit, rolls, and juice we’ve become so accustomed to. It was a sunny, clear morning as we departed for Calderón. Susan was dropped off a Center #1 while the rest of us headed to Center #2. Steve is earning quite the reputation as a master painter and finds himself with more projects as news of his painting prowess spreads through the center. Jessica joined her new Facebook friend, Tía Yessenia, to help in her classroom. She also pitched in to lend a hand when needed in the kitchen and with feeding the toddlers.

Susan made a new friend in the toddler room at Center #1, where they have received several new children this week. One particular boy was very sad and missing his mom, but Susan did a great job of comforting and soothing him.

After a lunch of soup, chicken, and rice at Mi Quinta, we returned to our project. Susan and I went to teach English at Center #1. She had continued to work with a group of staff children, while I work with tías Gaby, Ruby, Blanca, and Marisol. Both groups are ready to learn and fun. Both groups enjoyed singing rousing versions of “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.”

After heading back to the hotel, we all got changed and headed to the El Jardín Mall for dinner. After running a few errands and making a last trip to Supermaxi, we headed to Crepes & Waffles for dinner. We were all delighted with the variety of crepes, coffees, and especially desserts offered there. It was a real treat.

We returned to the hotel to make final preparations and contemplate our last day on the project tomorrow. It doesn’t seem real that we’ll be saying goodbye tomorrow as it feels like we’ve just arrived. It will surely be a bittersweet day, but I look forward to celebrating the children cared for, shelves painted, English taught, and friendships made tomorrow.

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