Off to the Coop & High School!

February 14th, 2011

Thought of the Day offered by Judith: “The highest form of wisdom is kindness.” – The Talmud

Journal by Judith:

Good morning all,

Our day started with a lovely heart gesture straight from a romantic himself Marv. Our breaky delight was topped off with candy hearts that made the day seem bright even though the ¨cats hair¨rain was upon us.

After breaky Team Ra Ro Ro (our last names in alphabetical order.) was off and walking/riding to our work sites.

Doris and Marv were off to the CO OP to fill their morning with yarn, yarn, and yarn. There were spools, melting of colors and all sorts of yarn stuff. Unfortunately the work day was called slightly short but there is promise of more yarn, and yarn like terminology that we will get to share and learn from tomorrow.

Chris and I were off the the local high school one of 90 high schools in Costa Rica. This high school in particular caters to young adults interested in the agricultural industry and the food and beverage industry. With that said one of our young hosts longs to study medicine in the years of academia ahead of her.

We met many fascinating folks, George our host, Steven another host and many lovely young folks. Chris and I shared the local berries, sampled the goat cheese produced at the school and worked just enough to feel accomplished.

The animals, greenery and friendly faces made for a lovely day. Among the many highlights I will discuss over the next week or so was meeting a lovely man named Rafael. I suspect he is somewhat complicated as well as talented and frankly from what I witnessed today he definitely is part of the glue that makes this local high school work.

To end the work day we all came back to our rooms to a lovely rose, nothing could have been more simple or beautiful…it was a nice day!

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