Officially at Reymontowka Camp

Message of the Day: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” (Attributed to Benjamin Franklin and shared by Joanna)

“Smacznego!” (“May your food be tasty”) I said when I entered the dining room early in the morning. And indeed, it was a delicious meal!!! We started out the day with a tasty meal of homemade crepes with cheese, bread and cold-cuts, cereal, and fruit. As we ate, we anxiously talked about the first day of teaching and what to expect.

The night before some stayed up late planning, and we were excited to meet our students again for a morning full of activities. As we left breakfast, everyone said “Duzo szczęścia” (in English “Good luck”) and eagerly went to start our adventures in our classes.
We had a very “super” day with our students. For example, Joanna, Jordan and Mark took their students on a scavenger hunt to find some colors in nature. Shelby and her students drew some of the morning away with a game of Pictionary. Vanessa learned from her students about games in Poland (which she promised to teach us later). In addition, Erica and her students played a game or two of Ring-Around-the-Rosy, worked with flashcards, and sang Old McDonald. Megan was engulfed in hugs and favorites by her students. Amanda also sang and danced the Macarena to practice the months of the year. My class did the same, but came up with a very unique interpretation—Macarena meets Gangam style!!!. Needless to say, our day of teaching was “Wspanialy” (“Excellent”) and a success!!! Whoever knew that teaching children would be so “Fantastyczny” (“Fantastic”)!!! We talked about our success at a yummy lunch of cutlet, potatoes, and beets. With our bellies full, some of us went to take a nap, relax or prepare for the next day.

In the evening, we were all excited to attend the initiation of the new campers, and I was so honored to have been chosen Camp Queen!!! And to our surprise, we also to be initiated!!!

We were led blind-folded into the tent and had to crawl on our knees to get a wet surprise out of a bucket filled with water, grass, and acorns. Then we made our way to a table in which we had to blindly eat a piece of bread covered with “stuff” and drink blood-colored sweet syrup. After our blindfolds were taken off, our last stop was the King and Queen of Camp (me) and we told them “gratulacje” (“congratulations”) for making it through initiation.  Later we all received congratulations for making it through the initiation.  We all took pictures of us and the students getting our diplomas. We can now say we are official here in Reymontowka!!!

Later In the evening, some of us planned for classes or said “Dobranoc” (“Good night”). Indeed it was an “extra” day, and we are looking forward for many more in the next two weeks.

Journal prepared by Amy.

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