One of the best days yet

In my opinion, today was one of the best days yet. Looking back, it was short, but during the time we worked, it felt long. Maddy and I started the day early at 6:30 though my refusal to get out of bed made our getting ready take even longer. Groggy, I stood up and got dressed. We went down to the kitchen where we ate an amazing breakfast and talked about today’s schedule. We then went upstairs to apply sunscreen and grab our water bottles.

Later than usual we arrived at the school, still slap happy from waking up. I walked into Sergio’s room with my sissy. We began by introducing ourselves in Spanish, then went on to describe personal information such as first, middle, and last names. After that we were due at the pit, where Maddy and I dug as much as we could. I almost chopped my top in half so I took a short break and took pictures of cows.

Soon after it was lunch time. Team #225 went into the food and dining room to eat tacos and talk about cats. Then it was back to work. Maddy, Mary, and I were working with Jorleiny. Her students were more interested in not participating than trying to learn English. Then it was break. Maddy and I made our way to Sergio’s class where we spoke about hotel reservations.


Pretending we are at the ‘Star Hotel’ while practicing how to make hotel reservations in English



Telephoning hotels to make reservations!

At 3:20 Maddy and I left to go get crepes. The lady who worked there smiled as we walked in. Maddy just got strawberries and powdered sugar while I got strawberries and Nutella. We walked back to the hotel and ate while having a meeting about group goals and such. Maddy and I trudged back to our room and plopped on the beds. Needless to say, we were exhausted. I then took a shower and got dressed, only to go down to a delicious dinner. We then loaded a van to go on a night tour. We saw snakes, spiders, sloths, honey bears, toucans, butterflies, and frogs. After the tour, we came back. I had another lovely shower, then sat down to write this.


A teensy-tiny frog

Entry submitted by: Mara

Message of the Day – Madeline: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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