Orientation Day for Team #154

A new team is gathered and formed. We are small, but we will be effective and helpful to the people of Ecuador and to one another. Gloria and Glenn are from New Jersey, and they’re also from many other places given Glenn’s travels for work. Our leader, Maggie, unwaveringly loves Ecuador and is passionate about her work here. On our first day we’ve learned about one another, about Global Volunteers’ guiding principles, local customs, the Ecuadorian Spanish, and possible excursions. I loved learning Spanish and am grateful that my first test will be with children who can’t fully form words yet.

We created personal goals that we recrafted deftly into team goals:

–          To immerse ourselves in Ecuadorian culture

–          To bring joy to the children

–          To see Ecuador

–          To learn basic conversational Spanish vocabulary

–          To connect and build relationships

Then we agreed on what team characteristics we needed to meet these goals.

Characteristics of an Effective Team

flexible                  respectful              honest                transparent

proactive               helpful                   patient               attentive to others

cheerful                 open-minded         optimistic           resilient


Maggie teaching us phrases in Spanish to use with the ‘tías’ and children


Our table at orientation

Goal setting was easy – we are like-minded in many ways, respectful in all ways, and all aiming to leave our mark on Ecuador as positively as each of us can. In turn, we will leave some type of mark on one another, and most significantly Ecuador and her people shall certainly leave their mark on us.

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