Orientation Day for Team #159

Team #159 has arrived in Ecuador!Hotel Sandmelis

We are a team of twelve volunteers and one team leader. Sarah, Anna, Jake, Tyler, Sharon, Katie, Mitchell, Chelsea, Dana, Alexis, Maryann, and myself (Kelly). Today was a day of introduction. We met our team leader, Maggie, and learned about her background; we met our teammates and learned a little about everyone; we met María de Lourdes, the treasurer of FUNDAC, and heard about FUNDAC’s role with the day care centers; and we met Richard from Day Tours of Quito and heard about some tour opportunities. 

We spent the morning reviewing the Volunteer Manual with a focus on the guiding principles.  In the afternoon we had a Spanish prep class to prepare us for our first day at the daycare center. The biggest learning was the cultural difference in the type of questions we would be asked. In the U.S. you would ask about careers, but in Ecuador you would be asked about your age and marital status.

Our team worked on our goals with the following objectives established:

  • To practice my Spanish
  • To make a difference in the community of Calderón
  • To explore Ecuador
  • To understand and connect with Ecuadorians
  • To leave Ecuadorians with a positive impression of U.S. Americans
  • To immerse ourselves in and understand Ecuadorian culture
  • To make personal connections

We also defined our Characteristics of an Effective Team:

proactive             prompt            positive                       open-minded             friendly
interested           courteous        caring                          approachable             understanding
forgiving              kind                 cooperative                 respectful                   consistent
inquisitive           flexible            patient                         sense of humor         adventurous

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