Orientation Day for Team #227

Sunday, the day of adjustment. Breakfast was beautiful to say the least with a quaint table set up and soft breeze on the patio. Given the option to choose which to satisfy ourselves best, every one’s breakfast looked muy delicioso! After going in depth with the tea what the guidelines for the projects were, we all migrated to the couches and began our goal setting. We concluded to seven goals involving voice from each of us. Here they are:

192 (cropped)

We also discussed the characteristics we would need to display in order to reach our goals and have an enjoyable week. Here is our list:

humble                        respectful
flexible                        cooperative
engaging                      proactive
understanding           hardworking
appreciative                 friendly
aware                           responsible
adventurous                humorous
caring                          patience
courageous                  outgoing

23It was interesting to see how all of our individual goals were either similar or different. It seems appropriate to say that we are all enthusiastic to learn, help, and experience on this trip. A bit of instructions round two from Maggie and we were off! After waiting for a good fifteen minutes as the immense amount of bags were strapped to the top of the buses, everyone piled in and the journey began.


One would think that nine miles would take about twenty minutes travel time, but not when the mountains of Monteverde are your route! Three and a half hours later we arrived at our destination (the Mar Inn). A beautiful hotel with the sweetest possible faculty greeted us kindly with a tasteful dinner. Maggie became Profesora Maggie after dinner and gave our team a 30Spanish lesson, which indeed taught me more in one hour that I’d learned in two years of schooling involving language study. Props to Tatiana for serving coffee for that exhausting night.

The exhaustion came to its end when we all finally said goodnight anxious for the days of progress to follow. Quote by Samuel Smiles: “Progress, however, of the best kind, is comparatively slow. Great results cannot be achieved at  once; we must be satisfied to advance in life as we walk, step by step.”

Entry submitted by: Savannah Lee

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