Orientation Day Team #149

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Training day for group #149 to Ecuador.

During orientation day on our first full day in Ecuador, tasks at hand to be accomplished ranged from introductions as Ohio, Oregon, and Minnesota met and got to know Illinois and an Ecuadorian transplant from Minnesota, and then to setting of our goals. As a team, we set the following goals for our time in Ecuador:

1)      To learn and practice Spanish

2)      To experience and appreciate Ecuadorian culture

3)      To help and to serve the tías and children of Calderón

4)      To have fun and enjoy our time in Ecuador with new friends

5)      To have a nice change of routine

Important, too, were a listing of the characteristics we need to reach our goals.

Our Characteristics of an Effective Team: flexibility, outgoing, brave, listeners, active, open-minded, happy, patient, friendly, kind, giving, attentive, cooperative, and willing to make mistakes.

Safety and security concerns we need to be considerate of were also covered. Taking the plunge to immerse in the language, culture, and idiosyncrasies of Ecuador led to some good laughs and relaxation.

It was a great day of food including popcorn for our soup and discussions of politics from corruption to some politicians’ grandiose dreams. A final “See you in the morning. Can’t wait to see the kids” ending our opening day in Ecuador.

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