We began the day with a nourishing breakfast of oatmeal, eggs and toast & the reading of the journal/quote.
Edward led us in setting goals for our time in Pommern. Common themes emerged as wishes were stated & posted on the walls. One was to learn about the culture; another is about being of service – including outside work, working in the clinic & teaching. Another theme was connecting with people.

Next we identified qualities & behaviors we hoped the team would embody. A theme was about exercising a positive attitude, another was taking responsibility for our shared space. Another was respecting individual wants & needs.

We next spent time walking around the village, visiting the school where we spoke with Asst Headmaster Haran about the history (72 to 850 in 35 years). Haran answered many questions. We learned the school is on holiday the first 2 weeks we are here & so our work projects will be working on a new kitchen & class rooms.
Our next stop was the primary school where we learned about the handwashing project & especially about the huge water project recently completed that has water spigots sprouting all over town! The clinic was next where we saw how much they are trying to with very little.

In the afternoon Mohamed coached us on our Swahili & He He local language. He was very patient with our efforts to pronounce & spell our new language.
At 4 p.m. we headed out to the town stores and met many proprietors. We also met the mayor and district leader who welcomed us.

Meanwhile, back at the Mission House (our home) the toilets were repaired and we were pleased to have time to relax & arrange for hot water for showers for the morrow.
All in all a very full and informative day. Tomorrow the labor begins. Today has set the context for our service.
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