Our final day in Calderón

Our final say started as usual with breakfast at the Hotel Sandmelis. We were served quite a sumptuous breakfast. The morning Message of the Day was from Glenn. Gloria provided the summary of the highlights from Thursday. Friday’s program started with the usual snack served for the kids. At 9:30 there was a special program set up by the kids and the staff to say thank you and goodbye. We had loud music to accompany the program. One class opened the program with an airplane dance performed by kids dressed as pilots including goggles.


The rock ‘n’ roll chickens!

The next program was a guitar group that performed to a local song from the stereo speaker. This was followed by rock ‘n’ roll music and dancing by another tía’s children. The three-year-olds (the oldest class) performed an enchanting dance to Ecuadorian music. They were dressed in a ‘native’ costume.

Finally the tías took the floor and performed a traditional Ecuadorian dance. The program was wrapped up with thank you cards presented to Gloria, Glenn, and Shereen. Pilar, the FUNDAC representative, said a few words thanking the three volunteers for their work and generosity to the center.


Shereen receiving a heartfelt thank you



Shereen with Tía Alexandra and some of the chicken dancers


Gloria receiving her thank you card from Tía Norma


Gloria dancin’ it up


Glenn dancing with three dressed up girls


Pilar Guzmán of FUNDAC expressing her thanks to Global Volunteers and Team #154 especially

After the program, the children were fed and they took their afternoon ‘siesta.’ The three volunteers and Maggie headed to the quaint restaurant (15 minutes away) for our final lunch. We got back from lunch and filled out the necessary forms from Global Volunteers providing certain info for ongoing program efforts.

It was a memorable day, but in a way somewhat sad to say goodbye to such a marvelous group of people and children in beautiful Calderón, Ecuador.

Entry submitted by: Glenn

Message of the Day – Glenn: “Do what you can with what you have where you are.”  – Unknown

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