Our First Day – On The Job

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fire alarm!  Crash!  Power outage and men’s voices outside.  This was hardly the first day we expected.  But after 1:00 A.M.,  all this occurred, and it wasn’t until breakfast next door and driving to our destination that linemen on the road told us our power would be restored.  Mystery solved!
Upon arriving at the Historical Oak Hill School,  we met Vicki, our most competent and knowledgeable project manager, who introduced us to the project – a total renovation of a three story school, that the city was no longer using.  It is SALS’ intent to renovate the entire property and rent portions to local government and businesses.  We were all impressed with the magnitude of the undertaking, and how outstanding the finished portions had progressed thus far.
Soon we were off to our various assignments of refurbishing:  drywalling, refinishing handrails, and painting.  Some of the locals were eager to meet us – most notable Boo Boo and Ken.  All were friendly and helpful.
As we made a stop for a few items before heading home, we enjoyed sharing our stories.  We all got to hear of Pat’s challenges, very different from ours,  as she helped two young men toward their GED’s.
Back home, we were surprised to find the alarm still on and power out.  But Artie, ‘jack of all trades’, soon had it fixed and chatter took over as we laughed and enjoyed each other’s tales of the day.
We then settled into checking emails and work, or reading a book, ’til Phyllis’ delicious pulled pork sandwiches lured us to the tables and there was no hesitation to devour!
Tummies full, stories shared, some returned to their tech toys, some to their books, some to the shower, while a few were off to the local Zumba Class.
We all agreed it had been a great day!
Written by Anna
Thought for the day….
“I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere are entitled to three meals a day, education and culture for their minds and freedom for their spirit.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr. on accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, Oslo, Norway, 1964
Global volunteers and the staff and students at the Southern Appalachian Labor School are a most audacious group people, with imagination, courage and commitment!

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