Our Hearts Will Always Be Rooted in Pommern

Tan 1407A1 Global Volunteers in a game with pomerini students.Tan 1407A1 Adriennne, Maya, grace and marisa with the local kindergaten pupils.We are nearing the end of our adventures in Pommern. Tomorrow will be our last morning rising to the cacophony of roosters and bells; how we will miss our Pommerini alarm clock… well maybe not so much the bells. After Angie and I exchanged our usual unusual dreams here, we joined the rest of our friends for a delicious breakfast, including the oh-so-scrumptious porridge… must convince Mama Tony to open a restaurant in New York. We were delighted to have Edward back in our presence from Iringa for our journey back to Dar arrangement. No one can say “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” and “Good Evening” quite like him. His journey back to Pommern was long and arduous, travelling on a piki-piki (motorcycle) through the night, but fortunately he made it back in one piece, and was as cheerful and inspiring as always. After our stomachs were full, we dispersed for our days.

Daddy and daughter duo, Sean and Grace, taught in Keesa’s class in the morning, having 44 individual conversations with each student. Then the two flexed their muscles for construction work with the ever strong and agile Kathryn B., and the always effervescent Moses. The girl’s bathroom looks incredible; the progress is astounding. Kathryn G., aka Bibi (Grandma) Lina, taught her students positive and negative tags in English, and it went wonderfully. She will finish the lesson plan tomorrow with Edward’s wife, Angela. The rest of us – Hina, Angie, Tony, Angela, Lina, Nicole, and I – were caravanned over to the clinic and orphanage, courtesy of Mohammed. Angie, Lina, and Nicole presented their lovely and creative bamboo chime to the orphanage with each student’s name drawn on it: Fikiri, Ema, Sara, Doto, and Edija. Hina and Tony tended to the patients at the clinic. We all know what a remarkable doctor Hina is going to be, with her compassion and intelligence. The rest of us relished in our time with Fikiri, Ema, Adija, and the Italian crew, who made delicious bread with the gals. We walked back to the mission house, and expressed our sadness upon leaving tomorrow, but how we will all stay in touch, and just might sneak up on Edward when he goes to Minnesota. Everyone began packing their suitcases, then ate Mama Tony’s delicious French fry omelettes. The rest of the day was full of more work and goodbyes. Some of us visited homes, like to our new rafiki (friend) Felix, and Moses. Goodbyes were said to children at the Roman Catholic Center, like to the beautiful Sostina, and to our buddy Joshua. Sean gave a volleyball to a bunch of the kids, and they were beyond excited. We sat down for our last dinner in Pommern, and delivered our roses and thorns of the trip. How sad it is to leave, but what beauty has filled our hearts. We will never forget our nuamba (home) in Pommern. Edward used an old African proverb today: “Never uproot the pumpkin in the homestead.” We may be leaving, but our hearts will always be rooted here in Pommern.

Entry submitted by: Mimi 

Tan 1407a1 Angela and other Global volunteers at the community burial service.

Tan 1407a1 Global volunteers for a Village burial service with the members of the community.Tan 1407A1 Global Volunteers visiting  pomerini Primary school

Message of the Day – Lina: “You will get through it when you preserve instead of quitting. Quitting leads to much less happiness in life than perseverance and hope.” – A Long Walk To Water  

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