Our last day in Calderón was an eventful one. Between hurrying to finish the extra last-minute final touches to the painting, near-constant cries of “empújame” (push me), and the performances by ourselves and the tías, it was quite the sendoff. Leaving the kids was bittersweet, but I know I’ll remember them, and hopefully at least one of the many, many air tosses will leave an imprint on them.
After our work day we headed into Quito to visit Maximiliano’s house. Seeing a native home was certainly eye-opening, and the bright smiles on the faces of the children and their mothers were inspirational. 


Entry submitted by: Jake Straus
Seija and a newcomer
Blair and Alanis


Mitch and Éric playing some ball, which in Ecuador means playing soccer, of course
“¡Empújame, por favor!” – Push me, please!
Varinda helping with hand washing
Alanis, Eric, and Emily
Jeanne, Elvia, and Kate
Steve, a.k.a El Cuco Malo, and two little guys who couldn’t have been happier on his lap
Mitch receiving his thank you card
Jake at the final celebration
Eric’s words at the final celebration
Everybody dancing at the final celebration
Team #150 to Ecuador
Messages of the Day – Seija Webb: 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

“Live simply, so others may simply live.” – Mahatma Gandhi
The daycare center after our hard work alongside the tías and parents:
What a difference!
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