Our Last day, yet we’re not Ready to Leave!

Team Journal for Friday April 3, 2015

Message of the day: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.  If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela

groupThis morning was a quick ride to the main campus with Baoli and Cherry.  Our classes (both were Mr. Zhang’s (John Wayne) Auto-detection and Maintenance course) were all boys.  LuRue found them the lowest level in knowledge of English and appreciated Mr. Zhang’s assistance on translating instructions and homonyms for them. The Troyers’ agenda for the session was unchanged.  Don had 17 of the boys – held in check by Shi Laoshi.  While it was clear many had little interest in English as a subject, they still gave their self-introductions and imitations of a teapot admirably!  They also learned how to give Xi’an visitors simple directions (but only after a bit more practice on “Simon Says” to clearly identify right from left).

After this class, Shi Laoshi walked us over to the College’s Awards room.  There a multi-panel display reported the history of the College since its founding in 1952.  Shown too were many illustrious presidents (ten total, including President Yang), teachers and alumni. We noted that among faculty receiving awards for outstanding teaching were younger President Yang and Shi Laoshi, clearly a reason for achieving their current leadership positions.  From the Awards room we went to the President’s conference room for a Farewell gathering.  Deputy Xue presided at the ceremony.  President Yang made very complimentary remarks about the service provided by the Volunteers and Baoli, their Global Volunteers team leader.  He was followed by the Core Program Director, Mr. Chen, his Deputy, Shi Laoshi, and the many of the teaching staff (Alice, Cherry, Lily, Cici, Johan, Rebecca and Tracy —) as well as numerous students in attendance from the classes.  The program concluded with presentation of a commemoratory jade tile of the 60th anniversary of the College to each of the Volunteers

From the conference room we went to the College’s Executive Dining Room for lunch with CPC College Secretary, Mr. Zhao.  Besides the Global Volunteers visitors, Director Chen and Shi Laosh, Alice and Lulu.  It was truly a gourmet meal with many appetizers and courses of outstanding Chinese cuisine. There were many heartfelt toasts. The group was joined by the rest of the teachers for toasts and photos to commemorate the splendid meal.ancient home

From this dinner (for to call it lunch would be not only a misnomer but a mistake), Director Chen, Shi Laoshi, Alice, Tracy, Lulu, Baoli and the Global Volunteers drove to the Guanzhong Folk Art Museum. Planning for the Museum started in 1982 and opening was in 2008.  The Museum includes relocated house of significant historical interest including one which was the residence of the Empire’s Treasurer in the Qing Dynasty.  We saw a performance of a musical folk play with a cast of ten.  When rain came, Museum supplied umbrellas prevented any interruption of the tour.  All had a good time.

The drive back to the city went well, though slow once in the city.  Our dauntless driver cut the trip a half hour short be executing a “driver’s choice” left turn into the hotel parking lot.  With our sincere thanks again to the College’s staff, the Global Volunteers departed for their final dinner.

What an unforgetable three weeks in Xi’an China!




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